Alessandro Trincone - New York Fashion Week (NYFW)

In the world of fashion design, there are few who absorb reality and externalize it in novel ways. To do so requires a touch of fearlessness and unwavering authenticity. It was with great pleasure that I had the opportunity to photograph Italian designer Alessandro Trincone during New York Fashion Week. His Fall/Winter 19/20 collection is titled Anveilmi.

"Anveilmi from 'unveil' expresses the concept of unveiling yourself and revealing your authenticity and the need of covering yourself up as a way to protect and shelter your soul from prejudices and detriment." - Alessandro Trincone





viswanath [veesh] l swamy (vls) is the 23 year-old creative mind behind LIVE VLS, a treasury of photography, menswear, thoughts, & digital art. originating out of his dorm room in detroit, veesh's work suggests that every facet of life is equal. the acronym VLS stands for versatile, lively, and stylish. "we should be able to adapt to any situation - versatile; our endeavors should always be performed with enthusiasm and confidence - lively; we should always do things the way we see right and add our own character - stylish."


veesh is a graduate of wayne state university, columbia university in the city of new york, and is a current md candidate. based in new york city, his dreams combine both the arts and the sciences.